About Us

Skylite Agrochem - The Company

Skylite Agrochem Company is a leading supplier of fungicide-Potassium Phosphite. The Company was established with a clear intention and aimed to provide wide range of highly effective and useful Agro Products, suitable for Indian weather, soil structure and agricultural products. Company conducts various research and trials on different pathogens. Potassium Phosphite (Potassium Phosphonate / Potassium Salt of Phosphorous acid) has a huge demand and a high successful ratio throughout India and in many other countries.

Being a well-known supplier of Potassium Phosphite Company have strong network of satisfied customers and farmers throughout Maharashtra and many other states in India.

Our Mission

Skylite Agrochem is aimed to improve quality of plant health and overall agricultural production.

Supplying best effective agro chemical products & Bio Organic Products worldwide.

Manufacturing & supplying wide range of effective Fungicides and Fertilizers for almost all types of Field Crops, Vegetables, Cash Crops, Floriculture and Horticulture crops.

Our Strengths

  • Wide experience in manufacturing & supplying Agro chemical and bio organic products

  • Trust & Transparency

  • Potent R & D

  • Huge list of farmers using our products throughout India and various areas from India, with high satisfactory rate.

  • Soil, Water, Leaf petiole analysis service at responsible rates.
  • Simple, but powerful. Boost your farm performance now.