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We are leading supplier of Potassium Phosphite (KH2PO3) / Potassium Salt of Phosphorous Acid in India. Potassium phosphite, also known as Mono Potassium phosphite, Potassium phosphonate, Potassium salts of phosphorous acid. It is widely used in modern agriculture as a strong fungicide. Potassium phosphite absorbed by plants and incorporated into cells as phosphite ions.

Theses phosphite ions have direct fungi static effect on plant pathogens. These phosphite ions are very effective in controlling diseases caused by group of fungi known as oomycetes including phytophthora, Plasmopara, Pythium and other fungus related plant issues & diseases.


About Potassium Phosphite

Potassium Phosphite (Potassium Salt of Phosphorous Acid/ Potassium Phosphonate) is a innovative fungi static formulation systemic in action based on the group of potassium phosphite which enables plant to overcome several fungal infections by enhancing natural immune system

Applicable For All Types Of Crops, Plants

Activates Defense Mechanism Of Plant

Compatible With Almost All Pesticides & Fungicides

Increases Crop Yield Remarkably

Our Vision

  • Skylite Agrochem is aimed to improve quality of plant health and overall agricultural production.

  • Supplying best effective agro chemical products & Bio Organic Products worldwide.

  • Push best practice agricultural practices to all farmers in the network.

  • Manufacturing & supplying wide range of effective Fungicides and Fertilizers for almost all types of Field Crops, Vegetables, Cash Crops, Floriculture and Horticulture crops.

  • Simple, but powerful. Boost your farm performance now.