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Skylite Agrochem Company is a leading manufacturer and supplier of ecofriendly fungicide Potassium Phospite, Potassium salt of Phosphorous acid. The company was established with a clear intention and aimed to provide best quality Potassium Phosphite in powder (98%) and liquid (40%, 50%, 60%) forms. Skylite Agrochem have registered a patent file for best formulation & standards of Potassium Phosphite.

Company conducts various research and trails for Potassium Phosphite on different pathogens. Potassium Phosphite ( Potassium Phosphonate / Potassium Salt of Phosphorous acid ) has a huge demand and a high successfull ratio throughout India and in many other countries.

BBeing a well-known manufacturer of Potassium Phosphite, company has strong network of satisfied customers and farmers across the World.

Potassium Phosphite

Our Vision

Skylite Agrochem is aimed to improve quality of plant health and overall agricultural production by providing eco friendly fungicide - Potassium Phosphite. Supplying best effective Agro Chemical products and Bio Organic products worldwide. Manufacturing and Supplying wide range of effective Fungicides and Fertilizers for almost all types of Fields Crops, Vegetables, Casg Crops, Floriculture and Horticulture Crops.

About Product

Potassium Phosphite, also known as Mono Potassium Phosphite. Potassium Phosphonate,
Potassium Salts of Phosphorous Acid / Phosphonic Acid. It is widely used in modern agriculture as
a strong systen fungicide. Potassium Phosphite absorbed by plants and incorporated into cells
as phosphite ions. These phosphite ions have direct fungi static effect on plant pathogens.

These phosphite ions are very effective in controlling diseases caused by group of fungi
known as oomycetes including Phytophthora, Plasmopara, Pythium and other fungus
related plant issues and diseases. When applied as foliar or soil drench can translocate
in both phloem and xylem which allows it to control root born diseases. Potassium
Phosphite is non phytotoxic and having veryminimal pathogen resistance hence
can be used in organic farming.

It can be used for both protective as well as curative treatment.


of Potassium Phosphite Use

Highly effective on fungal infections like Downy mildew (Plasmopara
, Powdery mildew (Podosphaera xanthii)
Significant result on Phytopthara, Root rot diseases and Late
Blight diseases
Potent activity can be seen on Bacterial infections like Bacterial Blight
(Xanthomonas axonopodis)
Easily absorbed by the plant both through the roots and the leaves Activates defence mechanism of plant Absorbed and taken up across the membranes of plant foliage, roots in both their
nutritive and plant protective role
Disrupts the phosphorus metabolism in the pathogen, inhibiting its growth and causing
it to release stress molecules
Photoalexin is produced which attacks the disease directly; phosphite also helps maximize this
by providing ideal nutrition.
Stimulates healthy growth during conditions which may be favorable to the development of some
root rots and leaf mildew.
Complements the action and mobility of other nutrients such as manganese and iron. Non persistent in the environment, as readily oxidized to phosphate by soil microbes, and also has very low mammalian toxicity. Potassium phosphite is non phytotoxic and having very minimal pathogen resistance Compatible with almost all pesticides and fungicides Can be used for both protective as well as curative treatment Do not remain as harmful residue in plant systemically and locally. Encourages the production of polysaccharides which strengthen the cell walls, giving additional protection. It is more environmentally safer and more target friendly than applying as a foliar spray Increases crop yield remarkably Effective on all Crops, Grass, Fruits and Vegetables (Grapes, Wheat, Coffee, Black Pepper, Cotton , Oranges, Jute, sugarcane, Tea, Oil Seeds, Beans, Ginger, Onions, Papaya, Tomatoes, Potatoes, Lawns ( Turf)Grass & many all )


For Spraying
  • Preventive - 2 gm/lit with water
  • Curative - 3 gm/lit with water
For Drenching- 5 gm/lit

Research & Development

Research Project Covered By Skylite Agrochem

  • Antibacterial activity of potassium phosphite against Xanthomonas Axonopodis causing bacterial blight of Pomegranate
  • Antifungal / Antioomycete activity of potassium phosphite against Plasmopara Viticola that causes downy mildew
  • Antifungal / Antioomycete activity of potassium phosphite against Podosphaera Fuliginea ( Podosphaera Xanthii) a plant pathogen that causes powdery mildew
  • Antifungal activity of potassium phosphite against Black Sigatoka of Banana caused by the ascomycete fungus Mycosphaerella Fijiensis (Morelet)
  • Study of potassium phosphite against downy mildew on Cucumber
  • Study of potassium phosphite against downy mildew on Tomato

Field Results of Our Product
Potassium Phosphite on
Downy mildew Fungi of Grapes

Downy Mildew Infection
After 30 Hours.Control of Downy Mildew After Potassium Phosphite Spray

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